FREE SHIPPING----FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!! LIVING ON THE BEAUTIFUL ISLAND CALLED "HAWAII" AKA "THE BIG ISLAND". Moved here 5 years ago and decided to open back up my online card store. I had a physical store back at the mainlands where I was born... Nebraska. My 2 sons talked me into this fun and crazy business, but I love it. Been at it for 35 years now. Like anything, it has it high and low points. It is a lot of work but still fun. Thank you all for stopping by.


Normally just 14 days from the time you receive you're purchase. It would help both of us if you just email mail and let me know about it. So we are on the same page :)
When you receive you purchase, check it out very carefully, make sure you see no damage of any kind, scratches, finger prints, bends and chipping on the sides of the card, can happen for any reason.. If you need to return, we give you 14 days to evaluate the cards. If you used Pay Pal, return of your funds can go fast and easy. I suggest using Pay Pal... PLEASE.